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Mileage: 138000 km
08:59:31 Left
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1994 Eagle VISION TSI
Mileage: 122676 km
1 Day 10:54:21 Left
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1997 Pontiac FIREBIRD
Mileage: 47015 km
1 Day 23:50:36 Left
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1974 Ford BRONCO
Mileage: 371 km
2 Days 22:30:17 Left
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1996 Ford EXPLORER
Mileage: 208868 km
3 Days 22:29:10 Left
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Mileage: 81642 km
5 Days 08:58:29 Left
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1987 Alfa Romeo Spider
Mileage: 28000 km
7 Days 05:02:02 Left
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1996 Lotus Esprit
Mileage: 80156 km
9 Days 07:09:58 Left
Bid now
1995 Nissan 240SX SE
Mileage: 156424 km
9 Days 14:06:56 Left
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Customers’ reviews

Casey G.
I sold my third car here. Great customer service and easy dealings. I would never go back now to other dealerships that would make me run-around and hope for a better price.
May 20th 2016
Jin V.
What makes them different from other car dealerships is honesty, due to my bad credit situation I looked for a cheap used truck, sent them a request and after 4 days I was already driving to university on a great vehicle.
Jan 3rd 2015
Michael L.
Exceptionally nice customer service, tremendously professional and willing to help. Very glad I could put my vehicle on auction for free, other places would ask to pay for that!
July 15th 2015

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