Henrik Fisker unveiled the design of EMotion luxury sport sedan

10/31/2016 16:13:08
Henrik Fisker unveiled the design of EMotion luxury sport sedan
The EMotion will be equipped with hardware that will allow fully autonomous driving when approved and released by a soon-to-be-announced partnered supplier.

The new electric car company, that is called Fisker Inc., has revealed the design and specifications of its first vehicle, the luxury sport sedan all-electric EMotion. The company's founder Henry Fisker has done away with his back-lit teaser photos, and has posted a couple clear images highlighting the EV's lines and features.



Mr. Fisker's tweets reveal a side view of a model that appears to be a less-swoopy version of the Karma, the extended-range plug-in that was produced by his former company. An image of the front, which is notably without a grille and includes adaptive LED headlights, shows a car with what one may perceive as a mean-looking smile. Fisker Inc. has promised an electric vehicle with a 400-mile single-charge range from a battery that's being developed at UCLA. Mr. Fisker promises that Fisker vehicles will always have a strong emotional connection to its owner. Not to mention "Superb rear legroom." As it is, the four-door is already notable because it is slated to include dihedral (also known as "butterfly") doors. Hopefully, they will work a little better than the falcon-wing doors that have been problematic for the Tesla Model X SUV.



The former Fisker Automotive made a model that attracted buyers such as Leonardo DiCaprio and CeeLo Green. That company went bankrupt in 2013, and its assets were acquired by China-based Wanxiang. What's now known as Karma is preparing to start selling its own four-door plug-in called the Revero. That model will have an MSRP of $130,000 and will be able to go as far as 50 miles on electricity alone before the on-board gas-powered generator kicks in.


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